Settling on the Best Season to Visit Montego Bay, Jamaica

Do you dream of days spent at the beach but not sure on the right time to go? At S Hotel Jamaica, we enjoy the beach year-round, but we want you to come when it’s best for you. Like most island destinations, the climate remains generally stable throughout the year, yet there are many factors to consider while planning your trip, including busy season, local events and rainy weather.

Winter or Spring Getaway (December to June)

Jamaica labels its “high season” as mid-December to mid-April due to the influx of visitors escaping numbing winter weather. The days are gorgeous in Montego Bay around this time, with temperatures in the mid-70s and slowly rising to an average of 78 degrees in April. From winter getaways to spring break fun, January to March is historically the busiest time of the year, so those wanting to visit during these months will be better off booking months, even a year, in advance.

While April and May come with the chance of more frequent rain showers, they are less busy than the first three months of the year. As a result, golf courses and beaches may be more peaceful than usual. If you’re still not convinced why the winter or spring should successfully accommodate your escape, you might be interested in popular island events including Montego Bay’s Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival in January or Jamaica’s Carnival celebrations in April.

Summer or Fall Vacation (June to December)

Those able to travel during the fall often opt to visit Jamaica at lower rates and enjoy less crowded settings. You’ll enjoy more space to spread out at the beach. Plus, you can take a break from ocean activities to relax and sip cocktails at S Hotel’s gorgeous poolside bar. Live the island life to the fullest while on you’re on vacation.

However, hurricane season in Jamaica lasts from June 1st to November 30th, with the majority of hurricanes happening between August and September. With the risk of a hurricane while traveling during these months, many choose to get travel insurance.

Despite a little more rain than the other seasons, the average temperature is still comfortable with a range from the mid-70s to high 80s. Flights are easier to book, and the chance of a hurricane in November is very rare. If you’re interested in visiting this time of year, you’ll still enjoy plenty of fun in the sun – and smaller crowds at nearby attractions, popular restaurants and local events like Junkanoo celebrations and Reggae Sumfest.

When you decide the best time of year for your visit to Jamaica, contact the new S Hotel Jamaica to reserve beachfront accommodations with a host of excellent amenities, including direct access to Doctor’s Cave Beach. Book one of our deluxe rooms and enjoy close proximity to the airport as well as a sleek pool area and authentic Jamaican cuisine available on site. We’re ready to welcome you in any season.