Celebrate Reggae Month at the Bob Marley Museum

When you think of Jamaica, two things probably come to mind: bobsleds and Bob Marley. If you love the first, a re-watch of a certain 1993 film is definitely in order. If you love the second, we’ve got the perfect place for you, and just in time for Reggae Month. From February 2 – 27, the Bob Marley Museum is hosting a can’t-miss schedule of events that will celebrate past, present, and future Reggae artists.

Established in 1987, the Bob Marley Museum resides in the former home of its legendary namesake. All original rooms have been kept exactly as Bob left them, allowing you to experience the home just like he did. Some of the highlights of the tour include his Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, his personal recording studio, his bedroom and a life-size, three-dimensional hologram of the man himself.

The museum’s gift and record shops offer an unbeatable chance to add to your vinyl collection or purchase official books, clothing and even coffee. After all, what better place to shop for Bob Marley merchandise than in the legend’s own home? Plus, the One Love Café, serves a varied menu of mouthwatering dishes, inspired by the Marley family’s Rastafarian lifestyle.

Just down the street, a second tour is offered at Tuff Gong, Bob Marley’s illustrious recording studio, where he recorded such classics as “Redemption Song” and “No Woman No Cry.” Additionally, as one of the most iconic studios in the world, Tuff Gong is often utilized by world-renowned musicians, including Snoop Dogg, Kenny Chesney, and Lauryn Hill. From rehearsal to pressing, you’ll learn everything there is to know about each individual step of the recording process during your tour.

While the festival officially starts on February 2nd, the first big event to really kick off the celebration takes place on the 6th, in observance of Bob Marley’s birthday. As one of the most popular and important dates of the entire month, the schedule for this day includes performances by some of the most prominent Reggae musicians, as well as countless Bob Marley-centric panels.

During the festivities, you can expect to see energizing performances from Nyabinghi drummers in the mornings, followed by live concerts from both up-and-coming and world-renowned Reggae artists in the afternoons. Previous performers include Chronixx, Iba Mahr and even members of the Marley family. In fact, just last year, Stephen Marley, Bob’s son, as well as Skip Marley, Bob’s grandson, performed in honor of what would have been the icon’s 73rd birthday.

Reggae Month extends far beyond just the music, it also celebrates the rich, Jamaican culture that is so closely intertwined with the origins of the genre. Expect to see several discussions focused on topics such as Rastafarianism, Bob Marley’s various philosophies and the global, as well as historical, impact of Reggae.

While the museum is generally regarded as the central hub for Reggae Month, celebrations happen all over the city of Kingston. Last year, Nelson Mandela Park hosted a weekly series of live concerts, known as Reggae Wednesday. Additionally, JaRIA continued their annual Open University at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, focusing on important aspects of the Jamaican music industry. Make sure to venture around the city and discover the entirety of the wonderful events the city has in store.

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