What to Know When Traveling at Sangster International Airport

Your initial experience at an airport can often make or break a vacation. Fortunately, for our guests, there is plenty to see and do during any brief stroll or extended layover at Sangster International Airport. From luxury lounges to delicious dining, here is everything you need to know when traveling to or from Montego Bay.

The Essentials

Starting off is a list of necessary essentials for a comfortable and entertaining stint at the airport. Complimentary Wi-Fi can be found throughout the airport, allowing you to keep in touch with loved ones, finish up any lingering work, or just surf the net. In addition, several ATMs are scattered throughout for your convenience. Alternatively, if you already have cash on you, visit the Currency Exchange and convert to local Jamaican dollars.

Food & Drinks

Whether you want a full dining experience or just a quick, grab-and-go snack, there are ample options to suit any craving. If you’ve got some time, stop by Jimmy Buffett’s Air Margaritaville to extend those island vacation vibes just a bit longer. Or, for an on-the-go meal, you’ll encounter an array of options, including Jamaica Bobsled, Island Deli, and Nathan’s. If you want fast food or small snacks, consider paying a visit to Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s or Viva-Gourmet Market.


In terms of shopping, you can explore 24 separate retail outlets, each featuring a diverse range of offerings from apparel to jewelry and, of course, souvenirs, it’s always easy to find something to help you remember your time in Jamaica. These stores are also a great way to keep you occupied while killing some time before for your flight.

Art Programme

Throughout the airport, you’ll notice countless paintings, murals, and photographs on display. These pieces of artwork are presented by the airport’s art programme, which was established to celebrate Jamaican culture, as well as showcase local, up-and-coming artists of all ages. If you have a moment to spare, it’s always worth a look to visit the Arrivals Corridor, Youth Art Display, Photographic Journey of Jamaica and the Departures Concourse.


VP Records, the world’s largest reggae music company, unveiled a multi-media exhibit ‘A Reggae Music Journey’ located through Gates 12 and 14. The exhibit chronicles the history of the company and some of its biggest artists in reggae music, as part of the label’s 40th anniversary celebration this year.


Club Mobay is Sangster International Airport’s VIP lounge, offering 11,000 square-feet of space and four entrances, located at various points throughout the airport. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere with ample seating and complimentary drinks, or an elevated experience, complete with an exclusive spa, conference room, and showers, Club Mobay has all of the necessary amenities to transform your airport stay into an upscale extension of your vacation or business trip.


One of the most important aspects of any airport visit is, of course, transportation. At Sangster International Airport, there are several options to help you get where you’re going. If you plan to be on the move, visit one of the six on-site car rental agencies, located just after Customs and Immigration, to find a vehicle that suits your needs. Alternatively, if you want to go straight to our nearby hotel, two different taxi companies are available in the ground transportation area of the airport.

Local Area

If you happen to find yourself at the airport with a lengthy amount of time to spare, consider visiting one of the city’s nearby attractions. The aptly named Hip Strip houses some of the most beloved restaurants, clubs, and entertainment in the city, paired with spectacular views of Montego Bay.

Take a dip at Doctor’s Cave Beach which was made famous in the early 20th century for its waters’ supposed healing properties. While we now know better, that doesn’t mean that its sparkling water and gorgeous scenery isn’t therapeutic in ways of lifting the spirit and relaxing the mind.

With our hotel’s convenient location, just 1.9 kilometers (or a 10 minute drive) from Sangster International Airport, your travels have never been easier. Incoming guests arriving at the airport are just moments from relaxing in our spacious accommodations or taking a refreshing dip in our main pool, while departing guests can enjoy some extra time to say goodbye to the island. Turn any occasion into a special occasion at S Hotel Jamaica.